you can help by…

Praying – please email or phone 01769 580489 for an up to date prayer list.

Getting involved practically – by reflecting the ethos of the volunteer culture that exists within the Seeway family. Could you share a skill that you may have in helping us to help others? For example: administration, drawing up plans, building, farming, education, health care. Please do get in touch.

Financially – at this time financial support is provided through sponsors, partners and one off gifts.

Sponsors – are those who regularly contribute on an ongoing basis to a project specifically linked to a named child. You will receive a profile detailing areas of interest about the child and their lifestyle, expressly pointing out areas of need and requirement in the long term in order for the child to grow and develop according to Seeway Trust’s mandate.

Partners – are those who regularly contribute on an ongoing basis funds which are then used as needs are identified by the Trustees in the various works undertaken by Seeway Trust. A partner can specify the project they wish their gift to go to.

One off donations – can be given to support a specific project or can be given for the general work of Seeway Trust.

Copies of our previous years accounts and annual reports are freely available at the Charity Commission's website. Just put our charity number (1074868) in the search box and hit 'search'.


There are various ways to make a donation:

Cheques – please post your cheque to the below address. We would like to be able to acknowledge your gift, so please do include either a return address or valid email address

Paypal (click on the link below)



Standing order - Please download and fill out the standing order (the PDF can be filled in on screen apart from your signature), print out and sign and return it by post to the address below.

Standing order/Gift Aid form


If you are a UK tax payer and wish to make a donation, then please download a Gift Aid form (use the link above and just complete the Gift Aid portion if you are making a one off donation), complete and return to:

Seeway Trust
Ford House
EX18 7JY


Registered UK charity no 1074868

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Children in school
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